Characteristics of viscoelastic

Viscoelastic mattresses, that is, made with this type of material, usually contain it in the padding. The viscoelastic allows a perfect adaptation to the body and favors the comfort of who uses it. In this type of mattress, the higher the density, the better the rest, comfort and duration of the mattress. Typically, the maximum density is 50kg per cubic meter, while the lowest is 20kg per cubic meter.

1. The material

This material adapts to body temperature, softening with heat and hardening against cold temperatures. To facilitate blood circulation and increase comfort. The viscoelastic mattresses can present different types of cores, highlight those of springs or foam, as the most frequent. We have opted for the incorporation of micromoles’ bagged in our mattresses. What allows us to obtain better properties and comfort? As well as a double layer of viscoelastic to provide the greatest comfort and adaptability at bedtime.

2. Insulating function

It should also be noted that the viscoelastic isolates the movement, especially if you sleep accompanied so that even the slightest vibration does not disturb your sleep. Viscoelastic mattresses allow perspiration, which makes it a hygienic mattress and accumulates fewer bacteria. This material is usually used in the upper layers of the mattress to provide the greatest comfort.

3. Price

In terms of price, viscoelastic mattresses are usually cheaper than others, such as latex. Although the amount depends on the type of model that is and the core that presents. The mattresses of viscoelastic with lower density are more economical, from 35kg the price and quality increase.

Benefits viscoelastic mattresses

Among the main advantages of viscoelastic mattresses are:

  • Perfect adaptability of the mattress.
  • Greater comfort
  • Incorporation of different types of nuclei.
  • Perspiration.
  • Greater elasticity than other mattresses.
  • Lowest price.
  • But above all, it is a very hygienic and anti-mite mattress.

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