How will the intelligent mattress help me to sleep well?

What is the intelligent mattress of pikolin?

The smart mattress Smart Pik is a mattress that has a system that allows you to collect data about your rest (phases of sleep, the temperature of the room …). In addition, it is accompanied by a bracelet that helps you to know why you sleep like this and how to improve it.

The idea is that you download the application on your mobile to interact with the mattress and bracelet. The application has 3 modes, sleep mode, coach mode, and love mode.

The new Pikolin mattress is the latest in technology and your best friend if you want to avoid insomnia. The rest system consists of three elements:

  • High-end mattress for a price more than attractive and affordable. The mattress has an intelligent device that connects with the bracelet that you will wear while you sleep. Between the two you will measure everything about your rest: the temperature of the room, your heart rate, the phases of your sleep…
  • The smart pick bracelet is designed so that it does not bother you while you sleep. It has no screen, only two lights that are enough to configure it with a couple of buttons. You put it on before sleeping and start collecting all the necessary data to improve your health.
  • Finally, you must install the Pikolin App Pik App on your mobile. You can download it for both Android and Apple in the respective Apps stores completely free.

Thanks to these 3 connected factors, Pikolin’s intelligent mattress will take care of everything for you. It’s a really great way to improve your rest with a little help that will accompany you every night (if you want, of course). Because the mattress serves the same without being connected, that is, if you turn off your devices, you can sleep on it so quietly. Also, it’s a great mattress.

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